State of the Industry Alert!

A few disparate threads which, taken together, stick a thermometer straight up the rectum of the comics industry. Sales are good, but is the patient really healthy? Over at Newsarama the cancellation of AMERICAN VIRGIN is announced. With TESTAMENT already cancelled, and sales on EXTERMINATORS at about the same level, every recent Vertigo launch except […]

Nate Fisher can get on with his life

Confirmation today that Nate Fisher, the teacher in the Guildford High/Eightball #22 case, will not face any charges in what now was clearly just an error in judgement and not a crime. You’ll recall that Fisher was forced to resign his job after parents complained to school board officials over his giving a 13 year […]

Boody Rogers!

Steven Grant’s Permanent Damage column is always good reading, for but the last two weeks he’s been running SPARKY WATTS comics by Boody Rogers. Old timey goodness, just like Pepperidge Farm.

World's oldest cartoonist

A few news outlets have noted the 107th birthday last month of Russian editorial cartoonist Boris Efimov, best known for his biting caricatures of Hitler and other WWII figures. On the occasion of his birthday he was named chief cartoonist for Izvestia, one of the leading Russian newspapers. That’s right this guy was cartooning for […]

FoL board voting open

Voting for the Friends of Lulu Board are open but for MEMBERS only: Voting for the Board of Directors is one of the privileges of being a member of Friends of Lulu. Members, now is the time to step forward and make your voice heard- vote for our 2008 Board of Directors! This simple action […]

More Marie Severin

Clifford Meth has a nice tribute to Marie Severin with lots of comments from her contemporaries. Severin is currently in the hospital recovering from a stroke. “Marie Severin has mastered every skill connected with comics as no one—-man or woman—-has,” Johnny Romita said upon reflection. “I was lucky enough to have worked with her for […]

Trudeau at CCS, art auction

James Sturm writes to alert us to a worthy donation for a good cause: Garry Trudeau has generously donated a Doonesbury strip to auction off in conjunction with his October 22 appearance at CCS to help raise money for the school. From what I understand, his strips rarely make it onto the market and have […]

Brum Con roundup

Beat reader Stephen Aryan sends us some linkage to last weekend’s second Birmingham comics fest in the UK. There are a number of roundups about the recent Birmingham comic convention last weekend, I blogged briefly about it here,& Geek Syndicate, a UK comics podcast conducted a live podcast interview with Esad Ribic and Adi Granov. […]

Paul Pope at Diesel

Wait, speaking of Paul Pope, the increasingly fashionable artist debuts some giant murals he created for the LA Diesel store this Thursday. The Diesel store on Melrose will be displaying 12 huge, 20 x 35 inch, silkscreened prints. Isn’t that cool how we linked all these items together?

Silver Surfer struts stuff

Wait a minute, speaking of the Silver Surfer, he has a new mini coming out called Silver Surfer: In Thy Name. We were alerted this in one of the about 200 emails that Marvel sends out every day, which we appreciate much more since Gmail upped its storage limit to 3 gigs instead of 2. […]