Beat reader Stephen Aryan sends us some linkage to last weekend’s second Birmingham comics fest in the UK.

There are a number of roundups about the recent Birmingham comic convention last weekend, I blogged briefly about it here,& Geek Syndicate, a UK comics podcast conducted a live podcast interview with Esad Ribic and Adi Granov. It was very funny, but it does have some adult language, as Esad has rather a ribald sense of humour. The podcast is available from here and the talk was recorded, as were other parts of the convention, by ImagineFX magazine. From what I was told a DVD with video footage from the convention will be included in a future issue of the magazine, although no one seemed clear as to which future issue it would appear

A local newspaper, the Birmingham Mail even did a brief video about the convention as a whole, which you can see here.

This was the second year of the Birmingham convention, and it brings up the major UK comic conventions to a staggering 2 events, together with Bristol in May.

Another smaller upcoming event next month in the UK is being held in Leeds, the Thought Bubble Leeds Comic Festival, more info is available here.

We found some more Brum coverage as this blog, Fictions and some photos from Lew Stringer here which reveal the epochal fact that Hunt Emerson‘s band played. Is there nothing this genius cannot do?

EDIT: Pete Ashton’s blog has the picture at the top of the page of Hunt Emerson in a cowboy hat and EVEN MORE.


  1. Chris Shipton, who appears in the Birmingham Mail video, is a thoroughly nice chap and top artist, who illustrated a three-pager for me last year called VIVA. And the girl who appears just after Chris – her mother came by my table and showed me her extensive portfolio of art. I signed a Hondle comic for her “from Hondle,” and she was just delighted.

    I wish I’d seen the Mail fella, though – I mean, for god’s sake: BRUMMIE SUPERHERO! As featured on BBC local radio IN BIRMINGHAM! My own fault for not emailing them.

    The crowd was BRILLIANT, though. The range of ages was better than I remember seeing at Bristol this year or Brum last year. Plenty of fans and casual visitors alike. Lots of enthusiasm – I saw a kid leap three feet into the air when she saw Emma Vieceli.

    I got through 150-odd comics, all told, including freebies. My stickers were popular, too. I had a great time talking to people about comics in general, and my comics in particular (obviously). The weekend was worth all the sleepless nights, heartache and nerves, just for that.

    I sold out of my Zombie Sequel to The Greatest Love Story Ever Told well before the end of Day One. I’m sure I’d have sold more if I could have found a working bloody photocopier on Saturday night. Hey ho. There’s always Leeds…


  2. great stuff! glad you put in stephen’s recaps. and the geek syndicate boys are awesome. we also had them on our recent episode along w/ some brum con attendees to give us their thoughts.

    oh yeah, we had a certain ms. macdonald talking about SPX held that same weekend. :)

  3. oooh, i like reading con reports – it eases my post con blues!

    “Lots of enthusiasm – I saw a kid leap three feet into the air when she saw Emma Vieceli.”

    woah- really? That’s so sweeeeet!!
    The geek syndicate con review did make me laugh! those guys crack me up ^_^