Wait a minute, speaking of the Silver Surfer, he has a new mini coming out called Silver Surfer: In Thy Name. We were alerted this in one of the about 200 emails that Marvel sends out every day, which we appreciate much more since Gmail upped its storage limit to 3 gigs instead of 2. Anyway, normally we wouldn’t even mention such a thing, but we happened to notice, it has cool art by Tan Eng Huat, who used to draw the Doom Patrol for DC. The story is by Gutsville’s Simon Spurrier.


In Thy Name takes Surfer into the farthest depths of space where he discovers a threat he can’t ignore! In this timely and relevant tale of a utopia taken over by an enlightened group who subjugate the masses in the name of the greater good, the Silver Surfer is drawn into their conflict and must choose a side. But can he possibly take action when he may be dealing with powers far greater—and deadlier—than his own? With the combination of dirty politics, organ stealing pirates, demonic beasts and more enemies waiting in the shadows, the former herald of Galactus is about to find out that heaven can indeed be hell!

Issue 3 has a cover by Paul Pope, which is kinda cool, too. You can read more at this Newsarama interview with editor Aubrey Sitterson. Look, at least it isn’t part of a crossover.


  1. Somebody needs to create a blog devoted to just Marvel press releases. Between this one and the one about the red Hulk yesterday, I think they’re absolutely hysterical.