To Do tonight, Brooklyn: SHORTCOMINGS release party

Wednesday, October 3rd @ 7PM ADRIAN TOMINE – SHORTCOMINGS *Release Party BookCourt- 163 Court Street Brooklyn Details here. PS: More Adrian Tomine interviewing at Gothamist: Having lived and worked on both coasts now, what do you think is the biggest difference between being an artist in California versus New York?The humidity. I really love New […]

Kids WB is no more

Various news sources are reporting that The CW is ending the Kids WB! Saturday morning programming block, instead licensing it out to 4Kids, which already programs Fox’s Saturday morning fare. The deal with 4Kids runs for five years. Rival 4Kids Entertainment will handle programming and marketing of the block starting with the new season in […]

Manga conventions

One more manga post! Over at Sporadic Sequentialcultural anthropologist and Japan-based manga expert Matt Thorn explains why manga is so exacting: Sure, there’s a wide variety of subject matter in manga, and more variety of drawing styles than many people realize, but there are countless structural details that most readers (both Japanese and non-Japanese) are […]

GOTH movie in the works

And speaking of Manga, Fox Atomic has a movie based on the Japanese novel and manga GOTH in the works. JT Petty is slated to write the script. We like Anime News Network’s description of the plot best: Itsuki Kamiyama, a student with normal look, who obsessed with death and murder around him, together with […]

World Cosplay teams with NY Anime Fest

Forget about the US Open, the World Series, or the Westminster Dog Show — New York is about to get a new competition which will knock the world on its Goth-Lolita clad ass: The World Cosplay Summit’s USa Preliminary round is coming to the NY Anime festival this December! The New York Anime Festival (NYAF) […]

Links we liked

§ We’d be completely remiss if we didn’t point out Tom Spurgeon’s comprehensive post on the great cartoonist Bill Mauldin in advance of Fantagraphics’ release of Willie & Joe: The WWII Years. § Joey Manley posts a series of very pertinent Merchandise Questions for those looking to self leverage their properties: Here is a set […]

Legal notes 2: The Death Note murders?

Anime News Network picks up a story from a Belgian tabloid reporting that two identical messages linked to Death Note were left near severed body parts discovered Friday in the forest of Belgium’s Duden Park. According to the newspaper, the two paper sheets both say “Watashi wa Kira dess,” an apparent misspelling of the Japanese […]

Legal update: Michael George arraigned

Another chapter in the legal story that has shocked the comics world this week, as Pittsburgh Comic-con organizer Michael George was arraigned for first degree murder, felony firearm, insurance fraud and obtaining money under false pretenses charges. George is accused of the 17-year-old slaying of his wife, Barbara, who was believed killed in a robbery […]