200710031243§ We’d be completely remiss if we didn’t point out Tom Spurgeon’s comprehensive post on the great cartoonist Bill Mauldin in advance of Fantagraphics’ release of Willie & Joe: The WWII Years.

§ Joey Manley posts a series of very pertinent Merchandise Questions for those looking to self leverage their properties:

Here is a set of questions for those of you who sell, or who would like to sell, merchandise — self-published books, t-shirts, fluffy toys, PVC figures, bumper stickers, posters, prints, etc.

§ Occasional Superheroine write up Monday’s New Voices panel at MoCCA:

I was going to title this post “New Voices: The Next Generation of Female Comics Creators, but if I took anything with me from yesterday’s panel discussion sponsored by the Friends of Lulu and held at The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in NYC, it was that gender wasn’t the point. These artists are expanding the boundaries and potential of the medium, period.