Bilde-1Another chapter in the legal story that has shocked the comics world this week, as Pittsburgh Comic-con organizer Michael George was arraigned for first degree murder, felony firearm, insurance fraud and obtaining money under false pretenses charges.
George is accused of the 17-year-old slaying of his wife, Barbara, who was believed killed in a robbery that took place in the Michigan comics shop they owned. Prosecutors sat George not only collected on a life insurance policy but soon married one of his employees. While George maintains he is innocent, some of the coverage shows that suspicion had long hung over George’s head:

Michael George may have been free for the past 17 years, but loved ones of his slain wife were never convinced there was no blood on his hands.

“From the day of the funeral, I was suspicious of him,” said Judy Derkowski, godmother to George’s wife, Barbara. “To me, he looked detached, like it was a front.”