Swedish cartoon controversy updates

Over in Turkey a pundit speaks: Metin Peker, chairman of the Association of Turkish Cartoonists, speaking to Today’s Zaman condemned the cartoon published by Swedish newspaper Nerikes Allehanda depicting Prophet Muhammad as a dog, saying it has nothing to do with freedom of expression but is obviously the product of the ill intention. Caricature is […]

Diamond on Barcodes, etc.

The subject of Diamond-carried publishers has been a hot topic of late here on The Beat, and while we hear that official notification is forthcoming to publishers, we thought we’d go to the source and ask Diamond VP of Purchasing Bill Schanes to comment on the roll-out. His response is below. We did break the […]

LA CityBeat looks at comics

Local culture paper LA CityBeat has a nice, far better written than usual section on comics with: § An examination of Popeye § A look at The Blot’s Tom Neely § Mad Magazine is profiled § An interview with Brian K. Vaughan. § A profile of Top Cow

Lightning strikes twice: runaway truck hits Oni office

Oni Press joined an elite group of comics book publishers yesterday: Publishers who have had a runaway vehicle careen into their offices: Our office is a corner suite at this wickedly dangerous intersection. We see/hear about 2 wrecks a week, but they usually stay out in the street. Today’s wreck was goofy because one of […]

The Best Comics of 5767

The year’s best-of lists get out of the gate with Heeb Magazine lists their top ten comics of 5767 starting with 1. Nick Bertozzi, The Salon (St. Martin’s Press)Writer/artist Nick Bertozzi’s The Salon takes place in Paris, 1907 and features Picasso, Braque, Gertrude and Leo Stein, Alice B. Toklas, Erik Satie, all of whom banter […]

Wizard staff cuts

Tom has an unusually extensive list of recent lay-offs and resignations from Wizard which we’ve removed since Tom objected. It’s of some interest that Mike Scigliano quit — he left DC to take over some of the more visible of Wizard’s convention running duties, and his departure would seem to leave yet another void.

D&Q hires Salomon as controller

D&Q sends out a personnel related press release and is thoughtful enough to include a Julie Doucet panel to illustrate it! Effective immediately, Jamie Salomon has been hired as Controller, announced Chris Oliveros, Editor-In-Chief and Publisher, Drawn & Quarterly. Salomon has overseen D+Q’s finances for the past five years while employed at the chartered accounting […]

24 Hour Comic Book Day shaping up

On October 20 people around the world stock up on coffee, ink and paper and stay up all night to make comics on 24 Hour Comic Book Day. This year’s event is shaping up nicely: People have one month now to store up some sleep for 24 Hour Comics Day, the annual around-the-globe, around-the-clock festival […]