Tom has an unusually extensive list of recent lay-offs and resignations from Wizard which we’ve removed since Tom objected.
It’s of some interest that Mike Scigliano quit — he left DC to take over some of the more visible of Wizard’s convention running duties, and his departure would seem to leave yet another void.


  1. Thanks, Heidi! For what it’s worth, if you’ve already read it, Wizard accused me of editorializing the Mike Scigliano section after they had confirmed the fact that he had quit; this was a misapprehension on their part and some potentially unclear writing on my part. Letter here:

    The upshot is that I didn’t mean to imply that Scigliano gave notice RATHER than being fired in some kind of “quit or be fired” deal but simply wanted to make the distinction stronger that he gave notice AS OPPOSED TO being fired, which when I was putting it into final form thought was a point I would want made were I to quit around the same time a lot of people were let go.

    This is why it’s good for companies to announce staffing changes on their own, even if they don’t want to, because a blanket of press releases always has the exact phrasing you want.


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