Oni Press joined an elite group of comics book publishers yesterday: Publishers who have had a runaway vehicle careen into their offices:

Our office is a corner suite at this wickedly dangerous intersection. We see/hear about 2 wrecks a week, but they usually stay out in the street. Today’s wreck was goofy because one of the trucks involved had its brakes and steering damaged and after being hit, just drove up on the curb and into our wall.

We heard the initial impact in the street and everyone got up to see. I think the consensus was, “uppp…. we got ourselves another one.” I’m glad we got up because just then, our wall got hit and glass flew everywhere. James, our editor-in-chief was about a foot away from where the truck hit.

While everyone is Okay, the incident is errily reminiscent — that Stephen King way — of a 2004 event that saw a car actually tear through the office, destroying all in its wake:
Slave Labor offices:

“At about 1 a.m. Saturday morning, a drunk driver plowed her car through the front of our building,” Slave Labor’s Editor-In-Chief Jennifer de Guzman told CBR News Monday evening. “Besides the great deal of property damage it caused, the crash also took out part of our store display and did a good amount of damage to our editorial and production department. My desk is no more, alas, though most of its contents survived. I’m currently sorting through everything. One of our computers was destroyed, but, fortunately my computer and my assistant’s computer survived, so we have not lost the work on new and upcoming books. My computer was actually thrown between fifteen and twenty feet, but it only got scratched up a bit. We did lose a scanner and computer, but nothing vital to our work.”

Sadly we couldn’t find any pictures of the Slave labor wreck online, but the only question left is WHO? WHO WILL BE NEXT??? Viper? Top Shelf? Fantagraphics? How many more comics companies must be attacked before they start moving their offices to the top floors?


  1. Viper’s office is on the second floor. I would *love* to see a car get up there, Dukes of Hazzard style.

    Sorry to hear about the property damage at Oni. Hopefully, all is well.

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