On October 20 people around the world stock up on coffee, ink and paper and stay up all night to make comics on 24 Hour Comic Book Day. This year’s event is shaping up nicely:

People have one month now to store up some sleep for 24 Hour Comics Day, the annual around-the-globe, around-the-clock festival of comics creation. Saturday, October 20th will find amateur and professional cartoonists gathering at event locations worldwide, each person aiming to create a 24 page comic book in 24 hours. More than 1000 creative souls took part at official event locations last year, with an untold number of others taking this holiday to tackle the 24 hour comics challenge at home.

So far, 67 official event locations in 13 countries have been announced, with more to come. Events can be hosted by almost any business or organization, and this year’s hosts include comic shops, colleges, cultural centers, coffee shops, and comics creation clubs. With the school year now underway, student groups are expected to be signing up as well.

Event site list (as of September 20, 2007):

Australia: Artrage @ The Film and Television Institute in Fremantle
Brazil: Escola de Belas Artes da UFBA in Bahia; QCR in Paraná; Lipedias.com in Rio de Janeiro
Canada: Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton; Elfsar Comics & Toys in Vancouver; The Artel in Kingston; DragonHead Studio in Kanata; Hairy Tarantula West in Toronto; Rogues Gallery Comics in Windsor
England:The Glass Onion Music and Arts Community Centre in Cambridgeshire; Comica Festival in London
Finland: Limingan Taidekoulu in Liminka; Muhos Library in Muhos; Regional library of Finland in Rovaniemi; Bukra Bookstore in Tampere
France: bibliothèque municipale in Saint-lô
Greece: Ostria Café in Athens (hosted by Comicworld); Cofix Café in Thessaloniki (hosted by Comicworld)
Indonesia: Pengajian Komik DKV in Bandung
Ireland: Central Hotel (organized by Irish 24 Hour Comics Group) in Dublin
Mexico: Mecenas Galeria Studio A.C in Chihuahua; Cartoon Commune in Zacatecas
The Netherlands: Lambiek comicstore in Amsterdam; Cafe Traffic in Overijssel (organized by Kopercomics)
Portugal: Livraria Sétima Dimensão in Madeira
United States (by state):
Alabama: Kingdom Comics in Vestavia Hills
California: Brave New World in Newhall; The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach; Empire’s Comics Vault in Sacramento; Jorg’s Coffee in Fontana
Colorado: Enchanted Grounds in Highlands Ranch
Connecticut: Sarge’s Comics in New London
Florida: The Acme Superstore in Longwood; War & Pieces in Davie
Georgia: Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta
Illinois: Twilight Comics in Shiloh
Indiana: Buy Me Toys.Com in South Bend; Comic Quest in Evansville
Kentucky: Coolector’s Mall in Owensboro
Louisiana: Ashé Cultural Arts Center in New Orleans
Maine: Maine College of Art in Portland (organized by Casablanca Comics)
Massachusetts: Comicopia in Boston; That’s Entertainment in Worcester; Modern Myths in Northampton
Minnesota: Big Brain Comics in Minneapolis (Co-hosted by the Minneapolis cell of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy)
Missouri: Meta-Games Unlimited in Springfield
New Hampshire: Double Midnight Comics in Manchester
New Mexico: Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque (event organized by 7000 BC); True Believers Comics & Gallery in Santa Fe
North Carolina: Chapel Hill Comics in Chapel Hill; Silver Bullet Comics in Winston Salem; Ssalefish Comics in Winston Salem
Oklahoma: Atomic Comics in Oklahoma City; Speeding Bullet Comics in Norman
Oregon: Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland
Pennsylvania: 517521/Creative Treehouse in Bellevue; Wade’s Comic Madness in Levittown
Puerto Rico: Red Goblin in San Juan
Tennessee: Rick’s Comic City in Nashville
Texas: Austin Museum of Art in Austin (organized by Austin Books and Comics); Fat Ogre Games & Comics in The Woodlands; Lone Star Comics in Central Arlington; Lone Star Comics in Dallas
Vermont: Artists’ Mediums in Williston
Washington: Merlyn’s in Spokane
Wisconsin: House of Heroes in Oshkosh

For up-to-the-date information, including addresses and a full map of sites, head over to http://24hourcomics.com/2007/sites.html. If there’s not a site near you, you can participate by creating a comic at home, or you can try to organize an official event site. Information on organizing events is at http://24hourcomics.com/2007/hostfaq.html

24 Hour Comics Day is an annual event where cartoonists take the 24 hour comics challenge, a dare put in place by Making Comics author Scott McCloud. This celebration of comics creation was founded in 2004 by About Comics, a specialty publisher of comics and comic-related works, including five volumes of 24 hour comics.More about 24 hour comics and 24 Hour Comics Day can be found at 24HourComics.com


  1. Any philadelphians reading about this out there? I plan to do it again. I’m going to continue my 24 hour comic (that I only made it about 18 hours on) from last year, in which I completed a grand total of 6 pages. Awesome.

    I’d love to get some philadelphia artists together to do it as a group. I have plenty of space at my house but I’m sure other places around town would host us. Like A-Space or something.

    You can contact me at the website above if you’re interested in getting together. The closest site listed to our area is up in Levittown. I went there last year and it was fun, but not quite what I was looking for.

  2. And just to show that it wasn’t an overstatement that more sites would be on the way… in the hours since sending off that press release, another site has signed on — Night Flight Comics in Salt Lake City.

  3. I’ll be at Austin Books for my third 24HCD.

    It’s a trip! Every cartoonist should do it at least once.
    Last year, I threw in after 14 hours (I think), just wasn’t feeling it.
    This year? ALL THE WAY.

  4. And lest anyone thinks that Lea just throws in at the drop of a hat and can’t do the 24 hour comics challenge — buy yourself a copy of 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2005 (available at better comic book stores and through online bookstores) and see the kickin’ tale she put in there.

    Meanwhile, we’ve now added -three- more sites in less than 24 hours since that press release went out.

  5. Shucks, Nat! Compliment and promotion in one! I am in both “Awww” and AWE.

    I have the BEST EXCUSE EVER for caving last year–some bastard tricked me into looking up a picture of Steroid Abuse Carrot Top. I never needed to see SACT’s pubic hairs.
    Dangit, NOW I have an idea for a comic.

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