To Do 9/12 NYC: Parade with Fireworks

Tonight! First, it’s Wednesday and to millions around the world that means — new comic book day! For me, that means PARADE (WITH FIREWORKS) #1 hits the shelves today, and I’m very excited. Would you believe I haven’t actually seen a copy yet myself??? To celebrate the release, I’ll be signing at St. Mark’s Comics […]

Platinum goes very very public

On Monday it was announed that Platinum Studios the nearly 10 year old publishing company that just began publishing about a year ago is going PUBLIC. Platinum Studios Inc., a comic-book company with several feature film adaptations set up at major studios, today announced that it has completed a $5 million round of equity financing […]

Geppi and museum profiled

The Baltimore City Paper has a in-depth profile of Diamond owner Steve Geppi and his struggling but amazing museum: Resentment against Geppi runs deep in some sectors of the comics industry, mostly by small presses whose books’ demand doesn’t meet the $425 minimum order necessary to secure distribution by Diamond, but also by enthusiasts who […]

Indie news: Clowes, Brunetti, Jean, Pope

Some news tidbits items of note gleaned from our voluminous reading habit: Via various postings at FLOG! The Fantagraphics Books: § Dan Clowes new strip MISTER WONDERFUL launches this Sunday 9/16 in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Mr. Clowes loosely characterizes the serial as a “romance” without offering any other clues about the work. […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ An otaku may start running Japan. Calling all monsters! § Raina Telegemeier ruminates on For Better or worse: These collections, along with my dog-eared Calvin and Hobbes books, became my bibles, my how-to guides, my companions, my inspiration. I read those books over and over, memorizing the dialogue and the jokes and the body […]

College cartoonist resigns

Grant Woolard, a cartoonist for the University of Viginia’s Cavalier Daily has been forced to resign after a controversy erupted over one of his cartoons, entitled “Ethiopian Food Fight” which showed emaciated African men fighting with chairs and other objects. The drawing prompted strong condemnation from the university’s black community. On Wednesday evening, nearly 200 […]

Studio Briefs: CATACOMBS and…TRON!

Here’s a sort-of comic book movie that has been languishing for a while, Catacombs which stars Pink and Shannyn Sossamon and was co-directed by artist Tomm Coker. Variety reports the film will be released on FEARNET, a video-on-demand service jointly owned by Comcast, Sony Pictures TV and Lionsgate.. The movie premieres on Fearnet VOD Oct. […]

D’Orazio observes

We don’t know about you, but Occasional Superheroine has been slaming it out of the park on a regular basis and is definitely on our absolute must-read list on a daily basis now. Following her trip down to Baltimore, Val took a look around what is a charming but “mainstream” con: The truth was that […]