Frankenstein-732445Some news tidbits items of note gleaned from our voluminous reading habit:

Via various postings at FLOG! The Fantagraphics Books:

§ Dan Clowes new strip MISTER WONDERFUL launches this Sunday 9/16 in the New York Times Sunday Magazine.

Mr. Clowes loosely characterizes the serial as a “romance” without offering any other clues about the work. The strip marks the first new major comics work by Clowes since 2004’s “The Death Ray,” published in issue #23 of his ongoing comic book series, Eightball.

2004! This guy is the Travis Charest of the indies. (j/k!)

§ In the above story, it is revealed that there will be a special 10th anniversary edition of GHOST WORLD with a new cover by Clowes.

§ It is also revealed that there will be a second volume of Yale’s Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories, edited by Ivan Brunetti, also with a cover by Clowes. GREAT NEWS! That was our favorite general inetrest comics anthology since The Smithsonian book of Comic-Book Comics.

Sketchbook07 01§ Comics Alliance presents various bits of news regarding James Jean and Paul Pope from their panel at Baltimore. Jean is doing a giant backdrop and possibly some street signs for Prada, which can be seen at the Prada store in Soho, New York. At the panel Jean showed off his character designs for the WATCHMEN movie, which sadly, we didn’t see, but one was described to us as “a Vargas-like image of Sally Jupiter.” Pope is also designing a line of clothing for a well-known fashion line! Much more tidits in this report.

§ Finally, via PWCW two new cartoon bios from Hyperion: Amelia Earhart written by Sara Stewart Taylor, artist to be named, and Helen Keller by CCS student Joe Lambert. Thoreau at Walden by John Porcellino is due next April. Below, sketch by Joe Lambert….guess this guy is good!

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  1. i didnt mention the news in my recap since i did a quick interview with both of them, post panel. we’re releasing that episode this saturday as a “CNI ONE-SHOT”!