§ An otaku may start running Japan. Calling all monsters!

§ Raina Telegemeier ruminates on For Better or worse:

These collections, along with my dog-eared Calvin and Hobbes books, became my bibles, my how-to guides, my companions, my inspiration. I read those books over and over, memorizing the dialogue and the jokes and the body language and the character arcs. The old material that will begin appearing on the comics page will be new to many readers, but it will be very familiar to me. It should be interesting to watch other people react to the strips; like talking with someone who is reading your very favorite book for the first time. I can’t help but feel connected to those stories. I can’t help but feel connected to those characters. I’ve known them almost my entire life.

Sandman+3 Blog
§ The great John Watkiss is auctioning off concept art for the Sandman which he painted (above). He also mentions that his wife has passed away; condolences.
§ The Wahington Post Express interviews Rick Spears and Chuck BB about their comics Black Metal and their love of metal:

» BB: Too many to name. Of course, the classics: Immortal, Gorgoroth, Emperor, Bathory, etc. What I’m currently digging is the most recent Watain album, “Sworn to the Dark,” and this strange Russian outfit Reusmarkt who are like a space-age, forest-worshiping atmospheric black-metal assault. Also Nachtmystium gets a lot of plays. Oh, and, of course, my loves: the ever-evolving Ulver.

§ Anne Ishii is still blogging.