Here’s a sort-of comic book movie that has been languishing for a while, Catacombs which stars Pink and Shannyn Sossamon and was co-directed by artist Tomm Coker. Variety reports the film will be released on FEARNET, a video-on-demand service jointly owned by Comcast, Sony Pictures TV and Lionsgate..

The movie premieres on Fearnet VOD Oct. 1; four weeks later, on Halloween, it will be available for streaming onto computers through “Catacombs” goes out on DVD early next year.

Fearnet had previously commissioned two short-form miniseries from Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures: “Devil’s Trade,” which kicked off earlier in the summer; and “30 Days of Night: Blood Trails,” which starts this week. The latter is a companion to the “30 Days of Night” theatrical movie from Columbia Pictures, based on the graphic novel, which opens in theaters next month.

§ But here’s the news you have really been waiting forTRON 2 via commercial director Joseph Kosinki, already signed to direct a remake of LOGAN’S RUN. The LOST writers will script. Although it’s sort of a joke, TRON was also a groundbreaking special effects film that inspired generations:

When making the original, in order to convince the studio to take a chance on a first-time director, Lisberger shot a test reel, financed by the studio, involving the deadly Frisbee battle. In a case of historical synchronicity, sources said one of the things Kosinski will be doing is working on a sequence involving the movie’s Light Cycles to work out his vision for the movie. Sources also said visual effects personnel, for many of whom “Tron” was an inspiration to enter the business, already are jockeying for pole position to work on the sequence.

(Above image ganked from TronScetor,com.)


  1. I was dying to see tomm coker’s vision on the big screen…this is dissapointing to me that its going on a smaller format. really.

    TOMM is one of the finest illustrators in the field and a fantastic storyteller in every sense. I will support it in any format, but man, lionsgate should have released this wide.

  2. Let’s hear it for Syd Mead and Moebius, who gave TRON its visual style. Thank you gentlemen.

    Interestingly, Disney did 2 mainstream sci-fi films in the early 1980s–The Black Hole and Tron. One was better than the other, although both are memorable.

    It should also be noted that if it wasn’t for the failed 1974 attempt by Jodorowsky to get Frank Herbert’s book DUNE filmed, we wouldn’t have had either ALIEN or TRON. Both were projects that Moebius worked on, and so far as I know, those were his first successful forays into film production/design.