Jack Kirby Day

It is the 90th anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth. Mark Evanier remembers Jack Kirby would have been 90 years old today. I know I write too much about Jack but that’s because people are always asking me about him. And as more time passes on this planet without him, more people ask. I don’t know […]

Marvel Month-to-Month sales: July 2007

by Paul O’Brien The era of big events continues apace, as Marvel’s WORLD WAR HULK squares off against DC’s COUNTDOWN. And while WWH isn’t a sales juggernaut on quite the same scale as CIVIL WAR, it’s comfortably enough for Marvel to once again flatten DC in the North American direct market. The gap is narrower […]

A few links

§ Toronto Fan Expo link round-up at Sequential. § Round-up of cupcakes in comics courtesy Rachel Kramer Bussel: § Jon Spencer Geek explosion interview at Daily Cross Hatch. BTW, Spencer’s wife, if we recall, is Boss Hog’s Christina. What are you reading [comic-wise, naturally]? The Pushman & Other Stories by Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Silverfish by David […]

TO DO 8/29: POSTCARDS signing at Margate Elephant

Venerable Victorian postcard subject serves as setting for POSTCARDS signing: Ventnor, NJ writer Chris Stevens and Brooklyn, NY artist Gia-Bao Tran will be signing copies of Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened (Villard Books; On-Sale Now), at Lucy the Margate Elephant historical landmark on August 29, 2007. Stevens and Tran are the creators of “Blue,” […]

Harvey Pekar meets Anthony Bourdain

Harvey Pekar’s appearance on No Reservations aired last night but we’re sure you can catch it in reruns.

John Green on DA cancellation

John Green, Disney Adventures freelancer recounts the end of the magazine — and by the way folks, he’s now looking for work and anyone who doesn’t hire him is stupid. I can’t say it’s completely unexpected. When I started at the magazine almost ten years ago, I recall a big meeting about the fate of […]

Not really back

We’re back online but still off the grid. Full service resumes tomorrow.