Tonight to do: 24/7 Release Party

Ivan Brandon writes to remind us: Tonight’s the celebration of the release of my new book: 24seven v2. 24seven is a collection of urban robot stories told by a gathering of my favorite verbal and visual minds from assorted media: film/animation/comics, etc… even architecture. here’s a preview of the book. wednesday/TONIGHT, august 15th is THE […]

What San Diego was like in 1982

Photo ©2007 Alan Light Everyone always complains about how big Comic-Con has gotten. Now thanks to a recently unearthed series of photos by former CBG publishers Alan Light we can relive the 1982 San Diego Comic Con. Light gives permission on Flickr to show the photos — we’ve picked a handful just to give you […]

Z to pen Jameson tales

Via PR come the word that Witchblade co-creator Christina Z., long MIA from the comics scene, will be writing Virgin’s upcoming Jenna Jameson comic which is not called what you think it is, but instead SHADOW HUNTER. You can read all about it in the jump, but for the moment we’d like to suggest that […]

Dabel Bros. news wrap-up

Try as we might, we couldn’t unearth the smoking gun of yesterday’s news that the Dabel Brothers and Marvel were parting ways. Maybe there isn’t one. The word from our usual sources is that the parting really was amicable. But enigmas remain. As numerous author interviews, like this one with George R R Martin that […]

Ishii leaves Vertical

Popular marketing maven Anne Ishii has left Vertical; she hasn’t announced her new gig yet. Kerim Yasser takes over the Vertical Weblog and he already has a pretty good idea of the score: As for those of you out there who were reading this blog because you thought that Anne was cute and that reading […]

Gordon Lee trial finally starts today

After a broken air conditioner caused a bit of delay, the trial of the year is finally under way. According to PR from the CBLDF: Lee’s case is also being closely watched by the mainstream media for its implications on Free Expression. In the past week, stories have appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition, CourtTV, and […]

Brunetti Nancy, Grunge Popeye

This link from Mike Lynch has been getting a lot of deserved play: Ivan Brunetti’s account of how he almost took over drawing NANCY. The strips evince the sort of lethargic fatalism one might expect from Brunetti, and while it’s hard to imagine them bruising the knees of America with reflexive slapping, still…what might have […]

Deadly toys endanger tots

What is going on in China? If it isn’t plastic in the dog food, it lead paint on the toys. The toxic toy scandal reached crisis proportions as as Mattel announced a gigantic 18.2 million toy recall. In a double-barreled announcement, the company said it was recalling 436,000 Chinese-made die-cast toy cars depicting the character […]

Land of the Links

§ Abhay Khosla has a particularly touching reminiscence of Mike Wieringo. § Mark MIllar had a swell time at Chicago: The nights, of course, were even more mental than the days and whatever the fuck happened in room 1041 caused so much excitement John Cassaday, Pat Ayers and I got the Hell out ASAP. We […]