Popular marketing maven Anne Ishii has left Vertical; she hasn’t announced her new gig yet. Kerim Yasser takes over the Vertical Weblog and he already has a pretty good idea of the score:

As for those of you out there who were reading this blog because you thought that Anne was cute and that reading her blog may have improved your chances of scoring with her… let’s face it, that was never going to happen. But please keep reading anyway, because what I lack in terms of cuteness, or in terms of a vagina, I’ll try to make up for in terms of my vast knowledge of everything weird, and Japanese, and weird and Japanese.


  1. You know, I would be pretty annoyed if I left a company and my former co-worker said outright that the only reason some people read the company blog I wrote is because they wanted to score with me. Let’s give credit to the woman’s brain and talents. Anne Ishii has a witty writing voice, and I admire that she brought broader news into the Vertical blog, rather than just stories specific to the company or comics.

  2. I first met Anne when we randomly shared a table at the MoCCA Harvey Awards a few years ago. She is smart and intelligent, charming as any good publicist should be, and was always excited by Vertical’s upcoming titles.
    I don’t think she will be sans job for long!

  3. While I agree with Jennifer, I do see that the person was trying their best to be lightherarted about the whole thing.

    Still, if this was a big money business deal, there might be many lawsuits involved.