First off, we have to salute the Scooter. Holy Cow. The Money Store. One of the all time great shortstops.

Then there’s wrestler Brian Adams, “Crush” from Demolition. Soon there will be no wrestlers over 40 left alive, at the rate things are going.

“Demolition” reminds us of one of our favorite traditions from Useneton the old rec-sports-pro-wresting forum, wherein any old news that some idiot posted thinking it was a a hot one, would be greeted by the a refernece to the tag team Demolition.

At some point (now lost to history), independent wrestler Trevor Lowe (aka T-LOWE) responded to a post about something that was already well-known (like ‘Hulk Hogan Turns Heel’ posted months after Hogan joined the NWO in 1996) with ‘Yeah, did you hear Demolition lost the tag titles?’ This was considered such a witty and insighful response by RSPW denizens that it has now become a stock reference.

When anyone posts old news or widely-known information as if it were something new, someone is certain to reply with ‘Did you hear Demolition lost the tag titles?’ This has become so entrenched that variants have started to pop up, for instance ‘Ax and Smash (two memebers of Demolition) are very upset about their recent defeat at the hands of the Hart Foundation,’ or ‘Bill Eadie (the man who played Ax) called, he wants his belt back.’ As with all RSPW in-jokes, perhaps one out of every 10 or 20 of the uses of it is actually funny.

Our new use of Demolition refers to how we’re feeling today. We have a line-up of piping hot news items in our queue, but we have conflicting deadlines and about a dozen meetings and/or conference calls today. So…things will just some out as they get out, but it is kind of frustrating.