Gordon Lee trial proceedings begin today

Meanwhile, down in Rome, GA proceedings have begun in the Gordon Lee trial. As the Court TV article referenced above recalls, this case began when Rome retailer Gordon Lee mistakenly gave a copy of of Alternative Comics #2 as a trick or treat gift. The comic had been produced for Free Comic Book Day but […]

Mike Wieringo dead at 44

Very sad news being reported at Newsarama: Veteran artist Mike Wieringo died yesterday of a sudden heart attack at the age of 44. Known as “Ringo” by his friends, Wieringo was probably best known for his run on FANTASTIC FOUR with Mark Waid, but was a much in-demand penciller as well as a much loved […]

Genndy Tartakovsky on Cage

You can take your Millar and Hitch, the news from Chicago that MOST got us excited was animator Genndy Tartakovsky writing a Luke Cage mini-seres. : Marvel’s hippest hero for hire from Harlem, Luke Cage—a.k.a. Power Man—returns from the ’70s with his own 2008-launching throwback mini-series taking true-believers back to the inceptive “blaxploitive” days of […]

DC adds new kids comics

Actual Chicago news that got us excited: continuing to serve audiences largely abandoned by current comics, DC is launching actual kids comics that aren’t directly based on cartoons. The three new books are Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, Tiny Titans, and Super Friends. Editor Jann Jones blabs at Newsarama: When I moved into […]

SS Chi: The drinking report

Will Pfeifer blogs to say that a world without Knuckles was a still a world with fun and laughter: Contradicting earlier reports, I’m going to give the new bar — called The Red Bar — a thumbs up. Yes, it lacks the raucous ambience and Golden Tee Golf Game of Knuckles, but it’s also a […]

WW Chi round-up

Even more than usual, according to the report we heard, Chicago was the sleepy hungover Sunday to San Diego…there was a good bit of comics news, and the WB held off on the Dark Knight presentation for Chicago (the movie is being filmed there so it makes total sense), but it was not a blockbuster […]

Christopher Hitchens on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

From the New York Times Book Review: For all this apparently staunch secularism, it is ontology that ultimately slackens the tension that ought to have kept these tales vivid and alive. Theologians have never been able to answer the challenge that contrasts God’s claims to simultaneous omnipotence and benevolence: whence then cometh evil? The question […]

St. Trinian’s attacks!

Here’s another copmics-based movie winging its way to us: a remake of St. Triniam’s based ona serie sof cartoon by Ronald Searle. Set in England, the film — which is based on the Belles of St. Trinian’s series of the ’50s, follows a bunch of hell-raising English schoolgirls: When they first skipped mischievously across the […]

STARDUST lags at box office

Despite generally excellent reviews — 73% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes — STARDUST was a non-starter at this weekend’s box office: The weekend’s other significant new release, Stardust, crash-landed, conjuring an estimated $9 million at 2,540 venues. Reportedly carrying a $70 million production budget, the fantasy adventure’s presentation was more akin to the genre’s flops of […]