Will Pfeifer blogs to say that a world without Knuckles was a still a world with fun and laughter:

Contradicting earlier reports, I’m going to give the new bar — called The Red Bar — a thumbs up. Yes, it lacks the raucous ambience and Golden Tee Golf Game of Knuckles, but it’s also a lot more open. It’s in a new, more central location, spilling out into the second-floor lobby area and making it much easier to (a) find a seat, (b) have an actual conversation and (c) get a drink. Sure, with $13 martinis you won’t get one cheap, but beers are a normally obscenely expensive $5 or so. Hell, any enterprising young alcholic comic book fan should be able to figure out a way to bring his (or her) own suds into the bar area, thus saving plenty of money for buying varient covers and pogs at the show the next day.

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  1. Admittedly having only been to one prior Chicago I didn’t have the nostalgic attachment to Knuckles that others do, but I echo most of Will’s comments on digging Red Bar (more open, easier to hold a conversation, etc.).