Comic News Insider #100 is online

Hear the Beat blab! Hear Paul Pope, John Cassaday, Jimmy Palmiotti and John Lucas blab also! It’s all on the 100th episode of the Comic News Insider podcast which is now online. Comic News Insider is your source for news, reviews and interviews on everything comic book, animation, sci-fi and pop culture!  Sponsored by Dynamic […]

SD07: Showdown at Hall H

Where was I? Thursday dawned bright and sunny. I blogged a bit and then sat down in a cafe for a healthy, nutritious breakfast with Laurenn McCubbin. It was to be my only vaguely healthy, nutritious breakfast for many days. As I walked to that most excellent breakfast place on Island, everyone else was heading […]

PR: Fone Bone on your Phone

uClick has signed up BONE for its GoComics reader: Fone Bone, Smiley Bone and Phoney Bone are coming to mobile phones! uclick has announced an agreement that brings Jeff Smith’s wildly popular Bone series to mobile phones through the GoComics Mobile Comic Book Reader. The first mobile installment of the critically acclaimed series launched on […]

New York Comic Con sponsors Comic Book Idol 3

CBR is once again searching for a cartoonist and the NYCC will fly him or her to New York. When is someone going to make a reality show out of this? Comic Book Resources (, the leading comic book news and resource Web site, is proud to announce the return of its wildly popular art […]

Con organizer charged with 17-year-old murder

More details are emerging in the story of Michael George, who along with wife Renee, has been running the Pittsburgh Comicon for many years. As reported yesterday, George was arrested on Monday for the 17-year-old slaying of his first wife Barbara in 1990. Barbara George was found slain execution-style in the Michigan comics shop George […]

Are comics literature?

Of all the panels at San Diego the one we most wanted to see podcast or transcribed or whatever was COMICS ARE NOT LITERATURE and now Newsarama has a report by Zack Smith, although two of the participants have already said it isn’t entirely accurate. Dammit, we should have been there. Wolk criticized comics written […]

Todd’s Ball again

As Barry Bonds chases the home run record, Time Mag revisits Todd McFarlane’s baseball collection: So, are you fired up about Number 756? No, the ball that’s interesting to me is the last one Barry hits. That becomes the new number they print in the record books. 756 is cool, but 62 was cool when […]

News and Notes

§ Citizen blogger gives you the 411 on the 616 and a dozen other pocket Mravel universes. Useful for those of us who are behind the times. § Kaiju Shakedown, our favorite blog about Asian movies, has returned, Grady Hendrix tells us. For now the direct url isn’t working but you can do this: 1) […]

WEHT: Rocket Pirates

We we mentioned yesterday, The Engine, the Warren Ellis-founded message board is shutting down. So far everyone is pretty philosophical about it. While blogging it, Xerexes wondered what ever happened to Ellis’s Webcomics portal Rocket Pirates? The site is still up, but Ellis put it on hold a long time ago, alas.

“How would you prefer Mary Jane to die?”

Comics Should Be Good asks what has to be asked in light of yesterday’s Spider-Man cover. Speculation as to its meaning is of course rampant, but what seems plainly clear in the Joe Quesada illustration is that Spider-Man’s marriage is over, and as a woman in a superhero comic, MJ’s fate is almost certainly sealed. […]