Marvel Associate Editor Nicole Boose has a new blog called Comics for All:

The focus here is about making Marvel comics more accessible for everyone who’s interested in them.

This topic has always been interesting to me, but the idea to devote a blog to it came to me last week at Comic-Con after going to a panel about comics in libraries. Even though Marvel has a real interest in reaching out to the library audience, the panelists had some valid concerns about Marvel’s accessibility, to young people especially. So while I’m interested in comics for people of every age group, there’ll be an emphasis here on kids and teenagers, and the people who interact with them on a regular basis – parents, teachers, librarians, booksellers, etc.

Worth checking out. BTW, we’d check out a lot more Marvel blogs if only they had a properly working RSS feed.


  1. Hi Heidi!

    While the feed didn’t work for me just hitting a subscribe button I have for google reader in my browser, hitting the xml button under blog details on the right side of the page did the trick for me for subscribing.