Comics Should Be Good asks what has to be asked in light of yesterday’s Spider-Man cover.

Speculation as to its meaning is of course rampant, but what seems plainly clear in the Joe Quesada illustration is that Spider-Man’s marriage is over, and as a woman in a superhero comic, MJ’s fate is almost certainly sealed. We’re cutting to the chase and asking you, our readers, for your thoughts on the real question here:

How would you prefer Mary Jane dies?

A) Stephanie Brown AKA The Spoiler (Torture)
B) Gwen Stacey (Slept with Green Goblin, thrown off a bridge, neck broken)
C) Karen Page (Drugs, porn, HIV, impaled in chest)
D) Sue Dibny (Brain stomped by microscopic feet, hanged, flamethrower)
E) Alexandra DeWitt (Strangled, stuffed in refrigerator)

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  1. Boo hiss. I know Quesada’s been strongly hinting for a couple years that this is the genie that he wants to “put back in the bottle” after he axed all the mutants, but as a lifelong Spidey fan I say “boo.” Despite what Kurt Busiek says, I think Peter Parker is a better character married. They did what, 30 years of him being single and flaking on all his friends? Well, now how about 30 years of stories of Pete having a responsibility greater than himself, about worrying and doubting going out in tights to save strangers when he has a family at home!

    There was a great storyline a few years back of her getting kidnapped, then coming back, but things being awkward, and I thought it was a good exploration of them separating, but ultimately as characters, they are always going to need to be together.

    Not to mention as a huge nerd myself, I had a Mary Jane too, but mine didn’t work out like in the funny books. The Parkers were that eternal “proof good things come to good guys” that so many like-minded geeks needed. It was a gesture to say, “hey if Peter Parker can be MJ’s ‘tiger,’ than there’s hope that you too will someday find your jackpot.” Dammit, I need that in today’s “anything can happen” world of comics. As a fan, I need them to stay together.

  2. Rumor is they’re going to pull the “wife in the refrigerator” deal, but not actually kill her. Using Henry Pym’s shrinking gas, they will have her move into a refrigerator two doors down from Peter Parker’s apartment and live on left-overs of the apartment’s current owners.

  3. I vote for not killing MJ or writing her out of the Spidey comics. How about finding writers who can make her an interesting character. Why does a married superhero spell end of stories or interest for some people? Does being married cause people to no longer have anything interesting going on (if this were newsarama there’d now be 15 pages of silly replies to this query)?

  4. But Mary Jane dying is oh so predictable now! Besides, doesn’t the cover show Daredevil putting the broken pieces of their marriage back together?

    Anyway, I vote choking during a shrimp and hotdog eating contest. Its only right.

  5. she should slip in the basement on some laundry detergent (washing Peter’s clothes, of course) and as her huge rack carries her mini torso down like 10 tons of weight off the Brooklyn Bridge, she crack’s her head on a concrete floor. ;)

  6. Actually, the current theory is that Dr. Strange is, at Peter’s request, going to magically retcon away everyone’s knowledge of his secret identity – including Aunt May’s – which will also retroactively undo his marriage to Mary Jane, and possibly even give him back his mechanical webshooters.

    So, basically, that POS one-shot Dan Slott did for FCBD, which was one of the worst things he’s written in recent memory? A preview of the new canon.