Anime Expo roundup

Anime Expo was this weekend, with some 35,000 fans converging on Long Beach — down from last year but still a lot of cosplay. We don’t have time to read all the news and so on, but here’s a BUNCH of links — let’s meet back here tomorrow and catch up, okay? § ComiPress has […]

Michel Gagné and Ratatouille

RATATOUILLE triumphed at the domestic box office this weekend with $47.2 million, great news for those–like me– who think this is an instant classic and the best movie of the year thus far. In fact, days after seeing it, it’s my favorite movie since ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND in that I keep telling […] publishes spoiler warning

CNN has a story up on the funeral of a much loved symbol of one nation’s fighting prowess and adds a SPOILER WARNING: Editor’s Note: The following Associated Press story reveals events in the Marvel Comics comic-book world concerning Captain America. If you’d rather not know, stop reading now. NEW YORK (AP) — It’s a […]

Ali Farzat interviewed

The Arabic edition of NEWSWEEK interviews Syrian political cartoonist Ali Farzat, whose stinging cartoons caused the Syrian government to close down his magazine in 2003. The BBC is now looking to animate some of his cartoons: Are you threatened with arrest at any time?I’ve been questioned by the security agencies that deal with political affairs, […]

GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS now 5 times a week

Danielle Corsetto announces that her popular webcomic GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS is now her full time job and it will run 5 days a week: ACH! The madness returns on July 1st with two girls, a bar, and a talking Irish cactus, now updating 5 TIMES A WEEK! Danielle Corsetto’s webcomic Girls With Slingshots returned Sunday […]

Paul Pope on Kirby and the iPhone

There is really only one: And we sit there in silence a bit. The thought of Jack Kirby’s imagination tends to make cartoonists’ conversations taper off into quiet introspection. The place was full of people but the noise of Jack Kirby in my head drowned it all out–exploding, psychedelic Kirby visions, weird twisting pipes on […]

Traveling Day

Everyone’s on vacation anyway, right? We’re in transit today, so we’ll have a “holiday schedule” this week. UPDATE: Okay a few links to give you something to do. NP: The Salmon Dance (feat Fatlip) from the album “We Are The Night” by The Chemical Brothers. Wow this is fresh. Chemical Brothers turn into They Might […]