Danielle Corsetto announces that her popular webcomic GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS is now her full time job and it will run 5 days a week:

ACH! The madness returns on July 1st with two girls, a bar, and a talking Irish cactus, now updating 5 TIMES A WEEK!

Danielle Corsetto’s webcomic Girls With Slingshots returned Sunday after a month-long haitus, during which a successful donations drive raised enough money for Corsetto to start doing GWS full-time. Updates will now take place every Monday through Friday, with occasional color Sunday strips.

July will kick off with McPedro’s sage advice for the romantically impaired, Chris the Pirate’s dillemma with Candy the Carnivore, Jamie’s secret admirer, and Hazel’s infatuation with the hot cab driver. Get your arse to (or to fill yourself in!