There is really only one:

And we sit there in silence a bit. The thought of Jack Kirby’s imagination tends to make cartoonists’ conversations taper off into quiet introspection. The place was full of people but the noise of Jack Kirby in my head drowned it all out–exploding, psychedelic Kirby visions, weird twisting pipes on Orion’s cycle, the chrome curves and jet-exhaust vents on the underbelly of the Fantasticar, Darkseid’s Omega Beams, with all their strange, Cubist trajectories, Seriphan and his collapsing Super Cycle, the silent corridors of the Red Ghost’s lunar hideaway, High Father’s staff, Machine Man’s extending arms and dismantleable magenta body parts, his bug-like red eyes, his impassive stare– the images paraded along an infinite mobius strip of their own, like the marching red ants in the MC Escher print.


  1. Two items of note: the New York Times reports that the iphone might just bring the American cell phone market up to par with Korea and Japan, which means comics on your cell phone!
    Second, the current Transformers issue of Wired has a future essay about how we might be using our cell phones as wallets and identification. (i’d post links, but my Sprint Sanyo isn’t that versatile.)