30 Days of Night Trailer, poster, etc.

After this weekend’s FF2 opening, the rest of the year’s comics-to-film slate will be fare with more indie origins, iuncluding 30 Days of Night, starring Josh Jartnett and Melissa George and directed by Danny Slade. It’s based on the Steve Niles/Ben Templesmith tale of a vampire at large during an Alaskan winter night — which […]

News bytes: Robinson, Spears

§ Brett Warnock has a long post filled with goodies at the Top Shelf Blog but it starts out with this: Alex Robinson will be doing a short fantasy comic for us later this year, called Lower Regions. (You read it here first, folks.) If you’ve never had the opportunity to read Alex’s fantasy stuff […]

Augenbraun/Goldman Wedding

If you’re wondering why the Beat is a little sluggish today it’s because we are still recovering from the wedding of Leslie Augenbraun to cartooner Steven Goldman (Styx Taxi) last night at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. But no it wasn’t the wine. Steve (above, in chair), brother of Shooting War’s Dan, and Leslie are both […]

Normal person reads Naruto, reports back

Jesse at What We’re Reading Now assays to read Naruto: What I want to say before I get too deep into it is that Naruto is a very poorly done comic. The figure drawing and linework is fine enough, but the storytelling — that all-important sequential clarity that all comics require — is sorely lacking. […]

RIP Roger Armstrong

Mark Evanier reports on the passing of cartoonist Roger Armstrong, a very prolific cartoonist whose work was doubtless known to anyone who read kids comics from the 40s on. He worked on numerous Dell/Western/Gold Key titles, before moving on to Hanna-Barbera strips, then Bugs Bunny and Little Lulu in the 70s. He also drew the […]

More from Toronto

Sequential has a full round-up of links, but here are some highlights: BlogTO looks at the Women of Comics symposium: Through a series of panels, and by showcasing some of the best female talent in the industry today, the Women of Comics organizers were able to put together an engaging pulsecheck of the state of […]

2007 Shuster Award Winners

The JPKComics blog has the list of winners and pictures anre a report. Darwyn Cooke was the big winner for THE SPIRIT with Outstanding Writer, Artist and Cartoonist. The results of the 2007 Canadian comic book creator honours — the Joe Shuster Awards: Outstanding artist — Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone for Batman/The SpiritOutstanding cartoonist […]