Sequential has a full round-up of links, but here are some highlights:

BlogTO looks at the Women of Comics symposium:

Through a series of panels, and by showcasing some of the best female talent in the industry today, the Women of Comics organizers were able to put together an engaging pulsecheck of the state of women in comics, from the heights of Vertigo to the self-publishing indies. And yeah, it didn’t hurt that the goings were often hilarious as the women speakers described their topsy-turvy role in a boy-dominated world.

Blake Bell reports on the Shuster Awards ceremony

There were two very memorable moments. The first was Dave Day accepting his late brother Gene’s Hall of Fame award from Dave Sim, Gene being a mentor to Sim back in the early-to-mid-1970s. Sim did a yeoman’s job keeping his composure, but Dave Day, who kept it short and sweet, mentioned this year was the 25th anniversary of Gene’s passing, and the room almost wept collectively.

Weeping was a theme (and not just when co-emcee, Rob Salem, tripped onto all fours onto the stage, proceeding by his emcee partner, Rick Green, riding him up to the podium) when the Outstanding Retailer Award was given to Edmonton’s Jay Bardyla for his store Happy Harbor Comics & Toys. His wife’s eyes were soggy the moment they appeared on stage, and Jay broke down in mid-speech.

He also delivers some bits of news:

It appears that Terry Moore will be writing something for DC?

He was feeling in such a good mood that, once wife and publisher, Robyn, removed the hands from around his neck, Terry spilled the news that he had just signed an exclusive deal to write two books (current ones) with a name publisher.

He wouldn’t commit to the name of the publisher, but there was a lot of DC people at the SIP wrap party in late May, including Bob Wayne and Dan Didio, so I’m putting my money there.

Even better is that Terry said it sounds like they’re trying to rope him into doing the artwork for the books! Terry’s already committed to the covers, but here’s hopin’.

And also that Dave Sim is flirting with Marvel, perhaps for the announced “indie anthology.”

I told Dave Sim about Terry’s news at the Shuster Awards, as he’s also in negotiations with Marvel Comics to do a little something (a little something on Dave’s terms, which is dragging out the negotiations), and he referred to it as the “Ed Brubaker Syndrome.” Dave is being very deliberate with Marvel because, as he says, “I don’t want to be one of those who never ‘come out’ the other side.”