If you’re wondering why the Beat is a little sluggish today it’s because we are still recovering from the wedding of Leslie Augenbraun to cartooner Steven Goldman (Styx Taxi) last night at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. But no it wasn’t the wine. Steve (above, in chair), brother of Shooting War’s Dan, and Leslie are both foodies and this was some of the tastiest nuptial noshing we’ve ever encountered; you won’t often find The Beat eating almost an entire goat cheese and onion tart…but we did. And we have been regretting it for the last 12 hours. Well, not really, because it was really, really good, but still…coming in the heels as it did of the NYC Barbeque Festival on Saturday was too much for our fragile system.

The wedding was a festive affair, of course, attended by a cross section of Steve and Leslie’s Act-i-vate and Brooklyn Cartoon Mafia posse. The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is one of the most prized wedding locales of NYC, and it didn’t disappoint, the green swards of early summer giving way to a dramatically cloudy sunset. Congrats to to the new couple, Leslie and Steve Goldman!


  1. oh the food was amazing. and there sure was a lot to drink.

    and it was a lovely ceremony. A is for awesome.

  2. Fantastic. I’d actually thought they’d tied the knot long ago. Any leftovers?

    Now both Los Bros Goldman are hitched. It gives hope to cartooning Semites everywhere.

    Great success!