Yen Press teams with the WB

Among the more interesting news items at the BEA was the trade show debit of Yen Press. While almost every major publishing house is launching a graphic novel or two, most of the efforts have been absorbed by existing editorial units. But along with First Second, Yen Press is a rare example of a stand […]

Who rejects the rejectors?

The combination of honesty and writing skill usually makes for a compelling read, and SLG editor Jennifer DeGuzman’s blog fits the bill. This time a bit of Googling turns up some online reactions from people whose pitches she rejected: Item the first. This artist is upset that the letter is not signed and that it […]

Jack Chick sighting!

A super-rare photo of the elusive crypto-cartoonists Jack Chick — above left holding one of his tracts — has been sighted! Christian author Jimmy Akin posted a purported picture of Chick from a Christian newspaper back in February, but the stunning image has just come to light via ComicsComics. Chick, author of countless religious tract […]

Brunetti tours Northwest

But the Northwest is not taking it lying down! Take a quick trip to Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery this Friday, June 8 from 6 to 8 PM and welcome Ivan Brunetti to our fair city. This multi-talented (and mild-mannered) cartoonist has a lovely new collection and exciting exhibition, “Misery Loves Comedy,” currently on display. You’ve […]

New Anthology: SUNDAYS

Yet more news about the CCS Class of ’07, as six of them have banded togather to produce a new anthology to be released at MoCCA, entitled SUNDAYS — more info here, and the contributors are not limited to these six: A new comics anthology is set for release on June 23rd at the 2007 […]

Foreward names WAR FIX GN of the Year

And the honors keep on rollin’, as WAR FIX from NBM gets recognized by Foreward Magazine: Foreword, the magazine of independent publishing, has given top honors in its Book of the Year Awards’ graphic novel category to NBM’s graphic novel War Fix. The book by combat journalist David Axe and artist Steve Olexa is Axe’s […]

Women of comics profiled

The Herald-Dispatch of Huntingwon, WV, looks at SVA grad Teylor Smirl whose spunk and can-do attitude have led her all the way to an internship at DC Comics, and beyond, to hopes of graphic novels. She thinks the world is her oyster, and who are we to dissuade her? From the age of six, Huntington […]

Douglas Wolk two-fer

Our esteemed comics journo compatriot Douglas Wolk has two new pieces up: Over at Salon he interviews cartoonist Berke Beathed, whose “Opus” just started running on Salon: (You must watch a short film to view content.) What do you think is the job of a satirist at a political moment like this one? Cartoonists — […]

Studio briefing: Thundercats, Shannara, Gaines to screen

The trades are announcing severl movie deals that our audience may find of interest: § First, Warner’s is making a THUNDERCATS movie: Studio has optioned a script by tyro scribe Paul Sopocy to turn the popular 1980s animated series and toy line into a live action feature. Warner-based Paula Weinstein will produce through her Spring […]