200706060046And the honors keep on rollin’, as WAR FIX from NBM gets recognized by Foreward Magazine:

Foreword, the magazine of independent publishing, has given top honors in its Book of the Year Awards’ graphic novel category to NBM’s graphic novel War Fix. The book by combat journalist David Axe and artist Steve Olexa is Axe’s journal of dealing with his addiction to battle. Foreword tells booksellers, librarians, agents, producers, and publishers about great books from independent presses (according to its website, www.forewardmagazine.net).

The Book of the Year is the latest in a series of honors for War Fix. The editors of Amazon.com have placed the book on its list of 2006’s ten best graphic novels. In addition, the American Library Association’s Young Adult Library Services Association has nominated the book for its list of Great Graphic Novels.

You can see sample pages here.


  1. There are so many, many NBM books that I’d like to read but they’re too expensive. I don’t need a hardcover for a 48 page book. This isn’t a rant against War Fix, since I haven’t even looked it up, but I really wish NBM could package and market their great books differently.