FREDDIE & ME to be published by Bloomsbury

Over on his LJ, Mike Dawson announces the publishing plans for Freddie & Me the autobiographical tale of his lifelong interest in the band Queen: I’m happy to say though, that my graphic novel will be published in spring of 2008 in the United States by Bloomsbury books. Spring of 2008 sounds like a long […]

Scott Pilgrim IV preview!

Bryan Lee O’Malley previews a single page of SCOTT PILGRIM IV The cover will be unveiled on Monday.

Mikhaela Reid’s ECBACC photos

Cartoonist Mikhaela Reid has photos and reminiscences of the recent East Coast Black Age of Comics con and the Glyph Awards in Philly. The above picture shows Joseph Wheeler III, Iyabo Shabazz and Masheka Wood. Much more in link. Plus we got to present the award for Best Comic Strip to amazing fellow Cartoonist With […]

Stop ripping off Stan Sakai, you dolts!

When it comes to cartoonists, Stan Sakai is the gold standard. Not only is he one of the nicest people you will ever meet, he’s also one of the most talented. His 20-year-long epic Usagi Yojimbo has quietly become one of the greatest single works in recent comics history. So why is some sh*thead ripping […]

Happy 100th Birthday, Hergé

Join us as we celebrate the life of Georges Remi today. Both the Hergé museum and the first of three Spileberg/Jackson movies are planned to open in 2009.

Keanu ready to get big, blue, naked?

According to AICN, three actors have been approached for Zack Snyder’s WATCHMEN Patrick Wilson, Keanu Reeves and Jude Law: So that means we’ll see The Prom King, Patrick Wilson, suit up as Night Owl. I think he’s a great choice for Dan, and all you need to do is look at the work he did […]

Studio Briefing 3: Alvin Schwatz film in the works

Here’s today’s offbeat entertainment item: the filmmaking duo behind WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW has optioned the memoirs of Superman writer Alvin Schwartz: Global Intelligence Press has optioned “An Unlikely Prophet” and its sequel, “A Gathering of Selves,” with Betsy Chasse developing, producing and directing the project. Kate Montana will also produce. Chasse was […]

Studio Briefing 2: Addams Family to B’Way

Charles Addam’s ghoulish family may be duking it out with Spidey on the Great White Way: A $10 million musical based on the artists NEw Yorker cartoons is on its way : Addams’ cartoons about the ghoulish-but-likeable Gomez and Morticia Addams and their family appeared for more than 50 years in the New Yorker. The […]

Studio Briefing 1: Rodriguez + Barbarella = good times

Well, here is a movie that is sure to be tasteful! Robert Rodriguez is set to direct a remake of Barbarella, based on the Euro graphic novel by Jean-Claude Forest. “Dino De Laurentiis came to me and said, ‘ “Barbarella” is a world where you are completely free to unleash all your fantasies, creativity and […]

Toon-a-Milf winner announced!

One hint: Her strip has already been mentioned once in this column today.

David Mack meets Noam Chomsky

It’s true — they both appear in a documentary by Kristin Maccary called The Altered States of America. The title of the film was inspired by a line from Mack’s Kabuki. Now you can’t see David in the clip, but you do see Noam Chomsky and although he doesn’t play lobby soccer, he’s almost as […]