Over on his LJ, Mike Dawson announces the publishing plans for Freddie & Me the autobiographical tale of his lifelong interest in the band Queen:

I’m happy to say though, that my graphic novel will be published in spring of 2008 in the United States by Bloomsbury books.

Spring of 2008 sounds like a long time away (and believe me, when I lie awake at night thinking about it, I often realize that yes, it is actually a long time away), but I’ve got a lot to do between now and then.

The book needs to be completed by the middle of October. At some point, last December, I thought I’d pretty much finished everything, but it turns out that I was way off the mark in that regard. I’ve cut a lot of pages (I think maybe 25 – 35 total, which is a lot if you consider that I can only draw about 2 pages a week), and I’ve added at least that much in new scenes and sequences – many of which are still in script/thumbnail stage at this point. Going down to a four day work-week at the day-job really ought to help I’m thinking though. I just hope I am able to put in everything that I want to before the deadline gets here.

More in the link. You’ll recall that FREDDIE & ME was originally to be published by AdHouse — according to Dawson, AdHouse head Chris Pitzer was understanding about the move to a bigger house.

Yet another example of something that started out as a mini comic giveaway ending up being published by a “real” book publisher. This is only one example of an graphic novel by an established “indie cartoonist” migrating from an indie publisher to a book publisher. You’d think some SMART publisher would just buy one of these indie publishers as an imprint instead of trying to build their own trendy graphic novel line from scratch. Just sayin’.

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