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According to AICN, three actors have been approached for Zack Snyder’s WATCHMEN Patrick Wilson, Keanu Reeves and Jude Law:

So that means we’ll see The Prom King, Patrick Wilson, suit up as Night Owl. I think he’s a great choice for Dan, and all you need to do is look at the work he did in LITTLE CHILDREN as an example of the sort of quiet sadness he’ll bring to the role.

Dr. Manhattan is a tricky part, and there’s something alien and otherworldly about him. Keanu Reeves always seems to me to be on a different wavelength than anyone else on the planet, so when he steps into the part as the big blue superbeing, it might be a nice fit.

And in the biggest “duh” of the year, Jude Law has been offered the role of Adrien Veidt, aka Ozymandias. Perfect choice, and Law’s been saying for years that he is a huge fan of the material. If anyone out there is more right for the role, I don’t know who it is.

JUDE LAW! Maybe FINALLY he will show us the location of his secret Rorschach tattoo!

Now, quickly my children, cast Sally Jupiter, the Comedian and…RORSCHACH.


  1. Caruso? That’s pretty good, actually. I’m a little surprised about the Keanu choice, but he does have the blank stare down pat. PLEASE don’t screw this one up Hollywood…

  2. William H. Macy as Rorschach.

    I dunno about Reeves as Dr. Manhattan, though. Might work better if they went CG with it to get that feeling of permanent out-of-synchness that goes well with the character.

  3. Pretty soon Keanu is going to be typecast as “all powerful being.” Directors are going to tell him that roles don’t work for him because his character can’t shatter skyscrapers at will.

  4. Here’s my Rorschach: Steve Buscemi. There’s so much going on behind his eyes, I think he could do the “mask off” parts like no one else. He’s known for being the “mousey” sort, so having him do the steely, outwardly-emotionless character would also work well against type. Call me crazy, but I think he’d be perfect. He’s 5’9″ so maybe just a bit tall, but after the hobbits in “Lord of the Rings” looked so good, you can safely say any actor can play any height now…

    Comedian: again, call me crazy but I can’t help but think of Sly Stallone! Perfect body type, and he’s a good age for it. Also, he’s really not funny, even when he tries to be. That alone should get him the part.

  5. Henriksen would make a hell of a Moloch, actually (think he’s past the age where he could pull off Rorschach, but I might be wrong). Kurt Russel as the Comedian is pretty brilliant, though.

    Oh, and why is it that when I read Dr. Manhattan’s dialogue, I always heard William Hurt’s voice speaking it?

  6. Well, I know who would be perfect as the Big Figure, but I wish to avoid a lawsuit, and so will not say.

    My vote is for Sylvester Stallone. Kurt Russell’s acting style is too glib for the role. (But Russell would make a great Sgt. Fury.)

    Elizabeth Banks would make a great Laurie Juspeczyk. Put her on Christopher Reeves’ Superman regimen, and she would be great.

    I’d try and do some stunt casting mixed with good old fashioned Mike Todd casting. Maybe Lynda Carter as Sally Jupiter? Rosie O’Donnell as Joey and Ellen DeGeneres as Aline? Howabout Robert Redford as Captain Metropolis? Bob Costas as Benny Anger?