Oh crap! Marvel U. changing AGAIN!!!???

Everything has been leading up to one revelation that will rock the Marvel Universe at its very core. There are no coincidences. There are no heroes who won’t be affected. There is no escape. When you’ve finished reading New Avengers #31, you’ll realize why this is the one issue you just can’t miss. The superstar […]

But the little girls understand

As suspected no time today to build up that head of steam needed to continue my essay. So I will leave you with an image gallery. But note: the point is NOT CHEESECAKE. That is never the point. The point is, to be crass, licensing, marketing and making money. UPDATE: Luckily Lisa Fortuner (aka Ragnell) […]

Telling it like it is: Hibbs, Butcher

Brian Hibbs looks at the End of History as two of the latest late books ever are released and explains what it means for retailers: Ultimates, the “Ultimate Universe” version of The Avengers by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, started in 2002. Over the intervening five years, they’ve managed to release all of 26 issues […]

Law cracks down on Japanese manga pirates!

In a story that will send an icy finger of dread down the spines of the majority of today’s comics readers, three geeks were arrested in Japan for file-sharing manga. They included one boy and two males, making for a nice yaoi combo. According to Japan’s Association of Copyright for Computer Software, the Kyoto Prefectural […]

Rall on his surveillance

Ted Rall comments on the revelation that his blog was watched by the NYPD prior to the 2004 Republican convention: The Times story also contains a link to the NYPD dossier on yours truly, the Dreaded “Activist”: “Ted Rall is a Columbia University graduate who earns a living as a cartoonist/radio host and has been […]

WEHT…Alan David Doane?

As the mastermind behind Comic Book Galaxy, Alan David Doane was one of the protean forces behind both the comics blogosphere and online reviewing. But he’s been mostly silent for the last while, and CBG has lapsed into silence what happened? Well, life, as usual, but also a sense of…accomplishment. * The sense of urgency […]

PW on S&S rights “grab”

Some consternation this morning about budding GN publisher Simon & Schuster and their new rights policy which would seem to indicate ownership in perpetua. PW’s Jim Milliot has more: In a prepared statement sent out by S&S yesterday afternoon, S&S spokesperson Adam Rothberg said the company was surprised by the guild’s “overreaction,” and he gave […]