Everything has been leading up to one revelation that will rock the Marvel Universe at its very core. There are no coincidences. There are no heroes who won’t be affected. There is no escape. When you’ve finished reading New Avengers #31, you’ll realize why this is the one issue you just can’t miss. The superstar creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu have been thrilling critics and fans alike with their new direction for New Avengers, but you never saw the last page of this issue coming!



  1. Couldn’t it be argued that any change that is made in said universe could be a change that semantically “would change the Marvel universe forever”?

  2. I once met Stanley Aaron, the man who used to write the copy for the Bullpen Bulletins for Marvel Comics back in the day. He was very kind to a 6th grader who went to Marvel looking for a job. (I even spotted Morrie Kuramoto and Marie Severin.) I suspect Mr. Aaron’s not writing these cliched lines

  3. From a DC perspective, this is why the upcoming solicits for Flash have left me cold, despite the fact that the series has been getting better with each issue. There’s only so often you can pull the “everything changes forever!” card before fatigue sets in and it ceases to have any impact — and they’ve pulled it in the solicits for both #12 and #14, just a year after a relaunch that got rid of the previous Flash, aged the new Flash 4 years overnight, and moved him to a new city.

    Same with the setup for Countdown. The stuff with the Rogues is fun, but the universe is in mortal danger again? Right after 52 and Infinite Crisis? Enough, already!

  4. Ah, but with the new layout at DC, there are different universes to end.
    Yes, hyperbole is cliche. It’s advertising. It makes you look, and then it’s up to you to judge the product.
    Both Marvel and DC have to tell a lot of good stories this next year. Gone are the days of inventory stories, of some villain robbing a bank and the hero having to find a way to stop the villain, of conflict without change.
    Just don’t change the way the character acts. Superman can be a solar battery, a giant electromagnet, even powerless, yet his resolve and morals will stay the same. Change THAT, and face the wrath of the fans.

  5. Yes, hyperbole is cliche. It’s advertising. It makes you look, and then it’s up to you to judge the product.

    The problem is that after a while, it stops making you look.

    That’s the point I’ve reached. If I weren’t reading Flash already, the “everything changes!” card wouldn’t get me interested in picking it up. What got me to look at Countdown wasn’t that they were setting up yet another big cataclysm, but that I was curious about exploring the new multiverse (which they hinted would be involved), and I wanted to see what they did with Pied Piper and Trickster.

    The big cataclysm aspect didn’t contribute to me picking it up… and it almost got me to put it down.

  6. With the end date of the 13-baktun cycle of the Mayan Long Count (Maya Calendar) December 21, 2012, Galactic Alignment which occurs only once every 26,000 years (yes, we’re moving closer to the Dark Rift in the Milky Way), a steady and significant weakening in the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field and the shift in the Earth’s magnetic poles, reverse or negative sunspot activity and much more in both the physical and metaphysical worlds happening, how could there not be change in the Marvel Universe???

    I am not an avid reader of Superhero Comics (I used to read some) but I do read a lot about Physical and Metaphysical Cosmology, Cultural Myth (currently Mayans and Egyptians), Legends and Religions, Exopolitics, Ufology, Literature (love Goethe)! I’d mention more but I may sound crazy already…wait, I am crazy! But writing and illustrating Manga (Evergrey and Yaru) how could I or any creator for that matter not be affected, influenced or inspired by all the universal change that’s constantly occurring?

    I would even say that we’ll be seeing (movies, television, DVD, internet) and reading (comic books, books papers, internet) works that incorporate a lot more of the extraordinary and awe-inspiring changes that are happening at this and every moment! Life imitates art (Oscar Wilde) or art imitates life…

    OK…I know…too much information…or maybe not enough!

  7. I’m holding out for the appearance of Alexander Luthor as the architect of everything that’s going on in the Marvel U.

  8. If by “Alexander Luthor” you mean “Nick Fury” then I get the feeling you will get your wish. I mean they’re both dudes, that’s close enough right?

  9. Ah well, what the heck. I’m sure it won’t rock my world all that much but I’ll still like it. That’s the funny thing about comics. Things stop being surprising once returning from the dead becomes routine, but you still love them.

    I love comics when the stories are good or fun or interesting. I don’t buy them for the big crazy “revelations.” But… you gotta make headlines in the comics press.

    Who’s annoyed that Hawkeye came back? But, hey, Hulk’s going to beat everyone up so that’s exciting as can be!

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