§ Cartoonist now designs mobile obelisks.

§ Hergé feted for 100th birthday.

§ A little perspective on Franco-Iranians:

Last but not least, it is most probably a comic book which has shaped the thoughts and outlook of French people on Iranians. Persepolis is an illustrated series by Marjan Satrapi which first got noticed after winning the Angouleme Festival of Comic Books. The native of Iran who grew up a rebel against any form of conformatism and typecasting amidst the Islamic Revolution and private schools in Austria and France has become an icon of an entire generation. Persepolis published by l’Association became an instant hit and was translated into several languages and is about to be released as a major animated film by Sony Pictures, competing at the Cannes Film Festival for the Palme d’Or.

§ Superman stage revival profiled.