As the mastermind behind Comic Book Galaxy, Alan David Doane was one of the protean forces behind both the comics blogosphere and online reviewing. But he’s been mostly silent for the last while, and CBG has lapsed into silence what happened? Well, life, as usual, but also a sense of…accomplishment.

* The sense of urgency I felt when CBG was created in 2000 has diminished. This is actually quite a good thing, in my opinion. Back in the days when Marvel and DC could still be called “mainstream comics” without sneer quotes around the term, artcomix — you know, the good, worthwhile comics published by folks like Fantagraphics, Drawn and Quarterly, Top Shelf, Pantheon, First Second, etc. — needed help. I’d like to think Comic Book Galaxy was at least in some small way a participant in the total revolution that has occurred in the comics artform in the past few years. I don’t know that we need to push as hard as we used to, I think the tipping point has passed, maybe around the time Time named Fun Home the book of the year, correctly. But seriously, it seems like a lot of the work I thought we were doing has come to fruition, all to the betterment of good comics.