SD Comic-con press registration opens

the San Diego Comic-con folks note tat online press registration is now open and wwarns that ON-SITE PRESS REGISTRATION MAY BE LIMITED THIS YEAR. Each year Comic-Con welcomes members of the media from all over the world. Because of the vast numbers of people requesting press passes we have implemented the following procedures to make […]

Claypool Comics website launches

Remember Claypool Comics, the long running horror line whose low sales lef them to move to a webpublishing strategy? Well the new website has launched. EIC Richard Howell logs about various things: A couple of inquiries have come in (off-site) about the format of the DEADBEATS Internet webcomic, and what readers can expect. Obviously, the […]

Manga News: WARRIORS and YOTSUBA&!

§ Brigid notes what might be the first appearance of an OEL manga on the USA Today Bestseller list: The top manga on this week’s USA Today Top 150 Books list is Warriors, Tokyopop’s manga adaptation of the popular YA novels about cats… doing something. Warriors debuts at number 74, while the latest prose novel […]

52 #52

As just about everyone knows, 52 wrapped up this week, lietrally and figuratively hanging up its hat, and nothing will ever be the same again. DC proved they could put out a weekly comic that actually shipped every week and broke sales barriers along the way. Unfortunately, some might say it came at the expense […]

When Gary met Shannon

Shannon Wheeler’s meeting between himself and Fantagraphics publisher Gary Groth at APE has industry observers buzzing: Sunday, Gary Groth (Fantagraphics publisher) came by my table. He handed me photocopied one-sheet asking me to buy more Fantagraphics Books. They need money because Harlan Ellison is suing them. I don’t know what bug crawled up my ass […]

Around the blogosphere

§ Jimmy Palmiotti is blogging for the Painkiller Jane site at and his first post includes a report on Barcelona and a picture of Amanda Conner and a balloon with a picture of a bunny rubbing a carrot on it. It was a pretty amazing show featuring a who’s who of international comic book […]

300 rippling abs hits Cannesfilm market; war brewing?

We know that Beat readers must be as sick of our 300 coverage as we are by now, but the trades just can’t keep loving up this movie, which is seen by many as a new benchmark for Hollywood action films. Cannes isn’t just a glitzy film festival, it’s also a film MARKET, where production […]

IRON MAN waits in the wings

While Marvel is assured of a record year at the box office with Spidey 3, and FF 2, the real excitement begins WITH IRON MEN, the first Marvel-financed superhero movie. To keep the wheels of progress moving along, lots of IRON MAN stuff has been released in the past few weeks, and has a […]

Spider-Man 3 already setting records

Opening internationally, in advance of its US premiere tomorrow, SPIDEY 3 has already broken records on two continents: “Spider-Man 3” cast a worldwide web with a blockbuster first day, hauling in $29.15 million in 16 overseas markets and beating the debuts of the previous two “Spider-Man” flicks in each locale. The film had the best […]