200705031236 Remember Claypool Comics, the long running horror line whose low sales lef them to move to a webpublishing strategy? Well the new website has launched. EIC Richard Howell logs about various things:

A couple of inquiries have come in (off-site) about the format of the DEADBEATS Internet webcomic, and what readers can expect. Obviously, the story picks up from the end of the final issue (#82) of the published series (a few moments before, actually) and carries the saga forward, as Kirby Collier is returned to Mystic Grove and finds it in ruins, the prophecized destruction having occurred in his absence. From that point, Kirby will face a dark, desolate version of his beloved hometown and will undertake to salvage as much as he can of the tragic situation. This will take him through many surprises and shocks, as long-time “Deadbeats” readers may expect. (New readers are in for a treat.)

DEADBEATS updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


  1. I was really hoping this would be comics about a stupendous bass player and his musician side kicks who travel the countryside fighting crime and fishing.

  2. Having worked their booth a few times, Claypool has some cool stuff by a lot of big names. With this new model, will they publish trades? And how does one sign a digital comic?
    hmmm… cons should rent laptops to Artist’s Alley so that passersby can surf a creator’s website when the artist is not there!