By now we’re all hep to the Nigerian Scam, and the Autograph Scam and so on…but here’s a new one making the rounds…and it involves a cuddly PUPPY.

My name is Mellisa ,i browse through the internet and i saw email address comic artist,i will like you to do me a favour and the favour is that,i will like you to please assist me advertise the sale of my puppy into your comic for 4wks adverts ,so that the kids and all comic lover can read and get in touch with me ,so here are the information about the adverts,

But i will also like to notify you that my method of payment is credit card and i will like it to get back to me with the cost of the advert for 4wks.
My infomations are stated below.

English BullDog Puppy 11wks old,beautiful markings,AKC
Registered Wormed,
Vet Checked. $550. For more information Call
(206-xxx-xxxx) or
email:([email protected]

Well, Mellisa, I just ran your ad for FREE!


  1. I’ve used the puppy scam many times, just not in that way. My technique is to wait for a warm Spring day. Take puppy (or niece or nephew) to park. Wait for an attractive female to notice the cute little doggie. (The smart male will select a clever name for the dog, so that he can show his cleverness when a female asks, What is your dog’s name?) With the niece or nephew variation, the uncle can show that he is a good guy, values family, and is a responsible human being, and thus worth spending more time with.
    The Puppy Master will not own the dog, but hire himself out as a dog walker, and thus get paid while he networks.