When last we saw them, the McCloud clan was setting off on a 50-state, one year tour of America’s motels and college classrooms. We’ve been following along on the LJ feed; Scott lost his camera somewhere along the way, and it’s been a long haul of weddings, computer wipes, dinners, too-short visits and save Veronica […]

Speaking of Spidey…

USATODAY explores the unbearable lightness of being Sam Raimi: “This was the franchise he was meant to do,” Franco says. “It lets him do the action, some humor, some scary stuff, all in one genre. And all through one person, Peter Parker, that he really associates with. None of us thought it would be this […]

Peter Parker visits Spider Exhibit!

Sorry we had to break off in the middle of the posting this morning, but we had to dash off to the American Museum of Natural History where a Spider-Man Week event was taking place, as star Tobey Maguire had to fight off a horde of radioactive spiders! No not really, but he did appear […]

Vess views STARDUST

Over at his Blog, Charles Vess reports on his first viewing of the Stardust movie: Nervous couldn’t half describe how I was feeling at that moment. What if I found myself cringing at what had been done to “my” story. What if everyone started walking out? What if, what if… But all of that ‘noise’ […]

Vampirella stays at Harris

A while ago the comics internets were abuzz with the news that Fangoria had acquired Vampirella from Harris Publishing. While Fango peeps went around saying it was a done deal, Harris personnel gave out a terse statement that the deal was “not factual” and the whole matter dropped from view. Now it seems, based on […]

Persistence pays off

We finally have a new-ish laptop on the way, thanks to waking up at ungodly hours like 7 am every day. This dayworld of yours is scary and yet somehow…beautiful. April was another record smashing month for The Beat. We’re now regularly hitting a million page views a month, which is quite healthy for a […]