Sorry we had to break off in the middle of the posting this morning, but we had to dash off to the American Museum of Natural History where a Spider-Man Week event was taking place, as star Tobey Maguire had to fight off a horde of radioactive spiders!

No not really, but he did appear with Dr. Norm Platnick. The dynamic duo rapped about spiders, their webs, their venom and their taxonomic status — they are ARACHNIDS not INSECTS! — to an eager audience of tots, many clad in Spidey threads. Seriously, our inner nerd was geeking out at the idea of recreating one of the greatest moments in comics history, while surrounded by cages full of GIANT BIRD-EATING SPIDERS.

Some more pics in the jump, but after hearing the room full of kids chanting “Go Spidey!” one must ask…WHY AREN’T THERE MORE SPIDER-MAN COMICS FOR KIDS? Really!

Img 0051
Not just Spider-man…Confider-man!

A tale of two Spider-men.

Giant spider!
The REAL Spider-wrangler…he allowed that all the fuss with the media and whatnot hadn’t really upset this tarantula but once in a while they can get riled up.

Giant spiders on the march!

The event took place in one of our favorite sections of the museum, the New York State section, which hasn’t been updated in 40 years or so, and has the look of a Golden Encyclopedia illustration.

Coming soon…Manskeeto 2.


  1. Well, there *are* SpiderMan Adventures for kids. I guess unlike adults, kids don’t really need seven Spiderman titles a month. Also, Ultimate Spider-Man is in the children’s section of most libraries.

    Aww, confider-man is adorable!

  2. But how Spider-Man *are* those comics?

    Are they just standard superhero adventures, or are they proper Spider-Man stories – to wit, that are as much about Peter Parker as Ol’ Thwipp-fer-Brains?

    I don’t want to be the guy that plays that card, but when I were a lad – back in the days when comics were printed on the backs of passing cats and the number one title was DEX DEXTER: MAHOGANY LOTHARIO – the regular Spider-Man comics were enough for us, crazy superthief girlfriend being gunned down, hero dropping out of college and falling out with his aunt, preachy gun crime one-shots and all.

    (which is a hell of a run-on sentence)


  3. Man, it woulda been SO COOL if TM had been bitten at AMNH!
    My first comic was Spidey Super Stories, which was endorsed by Morgan Freeman.
    A good Adventures tie-in would be the recent issue starring Fing Fang Foom. Peter and Spidey both appear in that one.

  4. I saw a little kid lugging around a giant phonebook-sized copy of Essential Spider-Man and knew that his family knew where to find the real family-friendly stories of Spider-Man!