200705010927A while ago the comics internets were abuzz with the news that Fangoria had acquired Vampirella from Harris Publishing. While Fango peeps went around saying it was a done deal, Harris personnel gave out a terse statement that the deal was “not factual” and the whole matter dropped from view.

Now it seems, based on this interview at Newsarama that Vampi is staying at her Harris homebase, or at least Harris’s Bon Alimagno has lots of plans for the character:

Fangoria’s January announcement that it had acquired the character Vampirella was apparently, premature to say the least. As Newsarama understands it, a deal for the acquisition was apparently in the works, and believed to be virtually complete, which led to the announcement being made at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors convention held in San Jose, CA in January. Since that time, Harris has insisted that there never was, or is any deal with Fangoria in regards to the selling/acquisition of the character, and declined to answer any questions about any kind of acquisition or sale, claiming that Fangoria’s claim of such a deal was “not factual.”


  1. WOW! This has got to be a BIG black eye for FANGORIA COMICS! The fact that they have been hyping that they own Vampirella everywhere and will now have to admit they were sooooo wrong. I guess the editor Scott Licina up at FANGORIEA COMICS got a little to excited before the deal was done. I’ve got to wonder about a new company that tries to get big headlines like this before they have all of their facts straight.
    Well, I personally am glad to hear that Vampirella will be staying at HARRIS. I think they are on the right track with her and I hope they sell a lot of books. Now that the TRUTH is finally out I will be picking this book up with confidence that it will have a full story line. I now have a few concerns about FANGORIA COMICS and what we can believe with them.

  2. Hey John Weheat, if you’re going to slander a company, you could at least write new material on different boards, instead of cut and pasting your anti-Fango comics hate-


    Fifth post down, goes by CATT on that board. Seen this on a few others as well. Guess he/she doesn’t have anything better to do.

    Me, I’m all in for the new Fango comics! The stuff I’ve seen previewed looks amazing and I’ve already subscribed at my LCS. I also subbed for Vampi, because that looks pretty darn cool as well.

  3. Jackie O,
    Actually, I found that post and it said everything I would have, so I just posted it here. At the most, you could just call me lazy. The fact that you found it in so may other places tells me “YOU” don’t have anything better to do.