Selfport-SmallWhen last we saw them, the McCloud clan was setting off on a 50-state, one year tour of America’s motels and college classrooms. We’ve been following along on the LJ feed; Scott lost his camera somewhere along the way, and it’s been a long haul of weddings, computer wipes, dinners, too-short visits and save Veronica Mars campaigns.

Now a new Winterview had been posted at Comic Book Resources. In this one the littlest McCloud interview comcis wunderkinds Drew Weing and Eleanor Davis. We wish the embedded video didn’t start playing when you hit the link but otherwise it’s fine.

The Winterviews are back! Sky and Winter visit sunny Athens, Georgia and the home of two of the most creative cartoonists in America, Drew Weing and Eleanor Davis! See what makes these young art comics masters tick as they discuss everything from self-publishing to webcomics to their celebrated alma mater, the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Scott has also weighed in with the May-June schedule and some links.

31 states down, 19 to go! Starting May 1, The Making Comics Fifty State Tour moves into into its last third with stops in eight northern states and two Canadian cities.
Spanning thousands of miles, the long-anticipated “northern leg” is certain to be the biggest challenge yet faced by comics’ most adventurous family. The trip to and through Alaska in June will be over a thousand miles of driving alone!

Stops include lectures in Toronto ON, Sioux Falls SD, Portland OR, and Juneau AK; seminars in Portland and Alaska; and store signings and other events in Toronto ON, Detroit MI, Iowa City IO, Missoula MT, Moscow ID, Seattle WA, Vancouver BC and Portland OR.

Scott McCloud and his family continue to make waves at every stop, commanding strong attendance and, in some cases, standing-room only crowds. In the last eight weeks alone, four lectures (in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois) were packed to capacity and beyond. In one case, three overflow simulcast rooms were set up when the main hall was filled. In another, dozens of fans sat in the aisles or on the floor to hear McCloud.

Next stop, Free Comic Book Day at Green Brain Comics in Detroit (May 5) and Toronto for a lecture and store appearance at The Beguiling (May 6 and 7). Details at the Making Comics Tour Page.

May/June Map Image
Tour Page
Blog Post with more details


  1. I really wish Scott would abandon this dumb road trip idea and go home and start producing new Zot! issues.

  2. Man that’s a lot of driving! 16 hours to go from western South Dakota to Eastern Iowa… he shoulda worked Lincoln, Nebraska, into the mix.
    Recommended: Badlands at sunrise/sunset, Corn Palace at Mitchell, SD (mosaics made with corn), Grotto Of The Redemption in West Bend, IA, and wine from the Amana Colonies. And the Hoover Library at West Branch.

  3. He’s a very lucky man to spend that much time with his family, see new places, and talk about what he loves. I don’t agree with most of the things he thinks about comics, but he seems to be having a good time, so God bless’im.