I will never let this book out of my sight again

Just got a galley of this manga reference guide by Jason Thompson and it instantly vaulted to our must-own, must-have list. It’s an alphabetical listing of over 900 manga titles published in the US, with bibliographical info, commentary and ratings. Plus sidebars on various genres and topics AND guides to yaoi and adult titles, a […]

We’re living in NARUTO NATION

A common topic amongst comics pundits is how Marvel and DC flood racks with tie-ins and sequels and prequels and so on. Well, it seems Viz is taking a page from that playbook, but this time with the #1 comic around the world, the mighty, unstoppable Naruto. Viz will be releasing THREE new Naruto books […]

Jack Kirby to the rescue

Wired Magazine has the incredible comics tie-in story of the week one that defies an any link summary. But we’ll try. It seems that back in 1979 when Iran took personnel at the American embassy hostage, six of them escaped to hide out in Tehran. The CIA launched an effort to rescue them and decided […]

Media revolution

Speaking of magazine and blogs and whatnot, everyone has linked to this piece n cartoonist Daryl Cagle’s weblog wher ehe lays out the challenges facing old media (print, newwspapers) very succinctly, Short version: there is no magic solution. Newspapers continue to pin their hopes on their Web sites in the belief that their brands carry […]

New comics mole at New York Mag

We hear this blogging thing is BIG, and so has New York Magazine, apparently. We also hear COMICS are big, and so has NY mag. They’ve launched Vulture an entertainment blog that covers everything the urbane New Yorker would be interested in, like Alec Baldwin* and the death of Jack Valenti. Dan Kois, who covers […]

STOP THE PRESSES: Marvel staff eats meat

Wow, we’ve already received a few emails telling us a LOT is going on! Holy hand grenade, true believer, there’s a MIGHTY MARVEL SUMMIT going on this week! And there are spies there who are giving us super deep cover intel at the Marvel Blog! Does Ike know about this? Heads will roll! 3:00Wait…wasn’t my […]

Goyer attached to MAGNETO

It seems that David Goyer, the man with a finger in many a comic book movie pie, has been signed to direct the upcoming MAGNETO movie: After the first three “X-Men” films grossed more than $1 billion worldwide, Fox and Marvel hatched the spinoff program. “Magneto” will be the second such movie to go into […]

News and Notes: Tomasi, FLIGHT Jr. etc

§ Bestselling author Jodi Picoult’s run on Wonder Woman continues to get press, including this piece at CNN.com: “My kids looked at me and they were like, ‘Mom, you totally have to write ‘Wonder Woman!’ ” she told USA Today. (Gallery: Wonder Woman and Picoult) So Picoult rearranged elements of her hectic work schedule and […]

Secret Robert Rodriguez/Chris Ware connection!

Did you know they were cartooning classmates? Neither did we. Wonder what they talked about — if they ever did. There was a handful of artists and we had a really big comics page for a college paper because it’s the second biggest college in the country and they have a great paper. Berke Breathed […]

Spotlite on…COSPLAY!

A couple of stories that illuminate this sometimes confounding activity. In Hawaii, the deck sums it up: Passive fun isn’t for hard-core anime fans who toil to dress the part and the story digs in: About an hour and a half later, Sasaki says in her gentle voice, “So, anyone want to start on buckles?” […]