Wow, we’ve already received a few emails telling us a LOT is going on! Holy hand grenade, true believer, there’s a MIGHTY MARVEL SUMMIT going on this week! And there are spies there who are giving us super deep cover intel at the Marvel Blog! Does Ike know about this? Heads will roll!

Wait…wasn’t my last post at 10:45??
Yes. Yes, it was. What’s gong on in the last four hours?

There was a business-y presentation. I’ll say, we’re rockin’ and rollin’ right now.

Then the good folks at Hasbro showed some awesomely cool toys and got in everybody’s head. Look for some sweet toys in the coming months.

That brought us right into lunch–meat and potatoes! Yum.

At about 12:30, I veered off from the main group and took part in some very cool stuff with Quesada, Brubaker, Pak, Slott, JMS and Loeb. Can’t really talk about it right now, but you’ll be seeing some of that stuff very soon.

Back to some of the super big stuff and character questions.

I stepped back into the meeting room for a bit and caught the last leg of everyone voting on something. A character’s fate, dangling on the precipice of a few votes. I think it’ll work out, though.