We hear this blogging thing is BIG, and so has New York Magazine, apparently. We also hear COMICS are big, and so has NY mag. They’ve launched Vulture an entertainment blog that covers everything the urbane New Yorker would be interested in, like Alec Baldwin* and the death of Jack Valenti. Dan Kois, who covers comics for Slate mag, is involved with Vulture and he tells is that they will be featuring comics coverage right along side the other stuff. Writes Dan:

One thing I’m very proud about is our daily comics excerpt. Each week we choose one creator and highlight their work every day. This week it’s Sarah Mensinga, from FLIGHT 4; next week it’ll be something else new and exciting.

Nice. This kind of unapologetic, unforced integration of comics coverage into mainstream media is the kind of “Milk Board” promo that people have been wishing for for years.

You can see the Comics Page here.

* You know, we’ve always loved Alec Baldwin, from BEETLEJUICE on, but this new child abuse thing has tested even our limits. Frowny face.


  1. Let’s be a little more specific about what we know about Alec Baldwin: he’s VERBALLY abusive to his daughter. And I’m exactly the last person to stick up for an abusive parent, but to the best of our knowledge that’s all he is (“all” still being really fucking repugnant). Not that it’s such a huge leap from those comments to something worse, but we don’t know many more details than that. The message’s public release does seem to imply some dirty trickery on Kim Basinger’s behalf, which gives one pause about her priorities as a parent. The only thing I know for sure is that there are too many public figures who probably ought to have been sterilized as soon as they cut their first million dollar paycheck, though perhaps that’s a “chicken & the egg” paradox.

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