MagsleeIt seems that David Goyer, the man with a finger in many a comic book movie pie, has been signed to direct the upcoming MAGNETO movie:

After the first three “X-Men” films grossed more than $1 billion worldwide, Fox and Marvel hatched the spinoff program. “Magneto” will be the second such movie to go into production. First up is “Wolverine,” a David Benioff-scripted film that will star Hugh Jackman as the steel-clawed mutant; Fox and Marvel will set a director shortly on that pic.

Goyer will develop a “Magneto” script that was written by Sheldon Turner.

Ian McKellen will be involved but since the story is a flashback, he won’t be involved that much, which is a shame, because we would watch a movie of Ian McKellen as Magneto just sitting in a tree reading the phone book. Not many others would, though. The film will deal with Magneto’s Holocaust-era origins.


  1. It’s too bad… I would’ve liked to see something with more of a superhero thing going. Maybe an adventure in the Savage Land as he sets up a refuge… Something involving his discovery that he has long-lost children… This sounds a bit of a downer to be trying for “realism”… I think audiences (and I include myself in this group) are looking for some escapism. We know how the concentration camp thing went and “escapism”‘s not the word I’d use to describe what movies about the camps are all about.

    (Unless you count “The Great Escape”! But the idea of “Great Escape” with a future supervillain just doesn’t set me on fire.)

  2. I just hope he changes the way they say his name, so they say it properly. (i.e., Mag-Net-O) Like a magnet, not magneeto, like neeto!! grrrr…

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