“DC is not hard to understand”

We don’t normally read Newsarama’s message board because…well, we have to live in this world. A trackback led us there, however, and we found this. It could be typical, or isolated, but the February sales posted by Marc Oliver have set off every message board in existence on a “DC is in trouble” rampage. This […]

New CLAMP in New Type

Spotted at ComiPress and all other manga news outlets: CLAMP’s latest, Kobato, will be serialized in Newtype magazine: Newtype USA, the leading anime magazine in North America, is pleased to announce a special agreement with manga powerhouse CLAMP (Chobits, Tsubasa) to exclusively serialize the creative team’s latest effort, Kobato, in the pages of the magazine. […]

Gossip: Gibbons, Rushkoff, Brubaker, etc etc.

§ Over at the Engine, Warren Ellis begins quizzing people on what they are up to. including Dave Gibbonswho responds: I’ve just finished drawing the last Martha Washington story which completes the saga we started about twenty (ack) years ago. It’s currently being colored by my right hand henchman Angus McKie. It’ll be out as […]

New Swamp Thing book!

Right here! Join the Critter Kids as they come face-to-face with wild wetland creatures in the Snake Hill Swamp Sanctuary. Is the swamp safe to explore, or will the Swamp Thing get ‘em? Who knew that school trips could be so exciting? The Critter Kids have a knack for discovering adventure and mystery as they […]

THE OTHER SIDE art contest

Jason Aaron and Cameron Stewart are running a little give away on their My Space page: for their Vertigo book THE OTHER SIDE: That’s right, Cameron Stewart is giving away – totally free – a page of original black and white artwork to someone on MySpace. The 11 x 17 page, seen below, is from […]

Separated at birth?

That picture doesn’t really capture it, but Henry Ian Cusick (Lost’s Desmond) really does look like Frank Miller did in his long hair days. All of which was an excuse to put our LOST comments in the jump. SPOILERS.